Lynn, We are fresh off a night of watching Netflix! I awoke this morning and checked again to see strong signals emanating from Netflix with much relief! I wish to thank you for your service which was above and beyond. You are a true professional and as one myself, in my “former life”, I can attest to the rigors of performance. We are both members of the “helping professionals”, which implies a reluctance of our clients to use us, since the implication is that they need “help”, which most wish they did not need. The expectation of “help” is strong in the client, and disappointment is always just below the surface. How the professional handles disappointment is critical to the whole venture. You are a true professional in that you solved the problem even if you needed to do more than usual. I certainly appreciate your efforts but paradoxically I hope I never need to use your “help” again!. That’s the way it is! I know where to call for help in the future and will recommend you whenever need arises with my contacts….thanks again…..w.
Dr. Walter Herman
Dear Lynn, You are a lifesaver! Can't begin to tell you how much it means to me that you saved my data, after my computer was frozen by hackers. Having the pictures of my late husband and the documents he wrote as a PSU professor for 31 years are simply priceless to me. Thank you for your determination and perseverance! And I feel confident going forward with my new computer and tablet, thanks to your expertise, guidance, and patience in setting both up for me. I'm relieved to have the backing-up in place, as well as the anti-virus protection: I'm all set! Feel free to quote me on your website, as... One Very Satisfied Customer!! Thanks so much, Lynn!
Debbie Orlov
Lynn has been my computer consultant for years, and she's been outstanding in many respects. First, and most important, she is extremely reliable. She understands well how frustrating it is when computer systems are down, and she responds rapidly address what's wrong. Second, she is able to make technical issues understandable to the average person. She recognizes that I am not looking to become a technical genius, and explains things in a way that a business person or consumer can easily understand. Third, she is terrific at finding solutions to problems. Lynn has corrected issues that even Dell's tech support team couldn't figure out. And she did so quickly and with an amazingly positive attitude. Finding competent, experienced computer support is almost impossible these days. Lynn is a rare gem who will deliver that to you consistently, and she does so with a terrific attitude. She connects with people better than any tech consultant I've used (and better than most consultants in other fields, too!). All of the above reasons are why I've consistently referred friends, family and business colleagues to Lynn for computer support and training. She's the best at what she does!
Dr. David Weiman
Weiman Consulting
A good computer tech is hard to find…especially when problems happen in the evening or weekends! Even with a savvy teenager living in the house, Lynn has been handling our computer needs for years. Successfully!
Arlene Leib
Lynn has a wonderful ability to diagnose and resolve difficult problems and explain the resolution of them in language lay people can understand.
Vic Haas
Haas Business Valuation Services Inc.
Disaster Strikes Three Weeks Before Our Daughter's Bat Mitzvah... My husband broke the news to me: Your computer's hard drive crashed. The next few weeks of event planning loomed ominously. We had bet wrong on the odds of our aging computer holding out until after the bat mitzvah at the end of May. Fortunately for us, in mid-April I had called Lynn Thames when I realized that our external hard drive was full - triggering a malfunction in the back up system set up by a prior computer specialist. At the time, Lynn coached me over the phone on how to modify my settings and I ran a manual back up. The worst case scenario - total data loss - didn't play out. My hard drive was kaput, but Lynn was able to retrieve data from the mid-April external hard drive back up. All I had to do, then, was reenter details from RSVPs and rewrite a month's worth of event planning documents. In retrospect, we had a wonderful celebration. However, I learned the hard way that creating a fail-proof back up system should have been at the top of my 'to do' list. Today I use a system Lynn set up to back up continuously online and run daily incremental backups to my external hard drive. Hopefully, my tale of woe will inspire you to make sure your computer is disaster ready!
Jessica Stein Diamond, Writer & Editor
I have been struggling with laptop, iPad, phone issues for so long I just started to believe it was the building I live in and Comcast. Well, the Comcast part is true, but Lynn outfoxed the snake. In a couple of hours she figured out the issue, fixed it, synched all 3 of my calendars..... (If only she could do my old school handwritten one) I will be updating my Mac and voila I am working at lightening speed again. If anyone doesn't reach out to her.... You are loosing out. Thank you Lynn..... You made me a very happy girl today!
Su Rudy
Su Rudy Designs