Lynn is a life saver for my business and personal computer needs. I feel very secure and safe having her manage my computer updates and issues that come along. She's very reachable and pleasant to work with.
Jim Konowitch
My Kids Korner, Narberth, PA
It does not matter when I have a problem with my computer or what kind of problem it is; I can 100% count on Thames Computer Consulting to come through promptly with help and a solution. TCC is also geared to ensure security with updates. As far as I am concerned, this is the ideal company for a person like me who uses a computer constantly but who does not have the technical expertise needed to do trouble shooting or handle security issues. I recommend TCC to my friends and feel lucky to have TCC in my corner! ***** Here is a later posting after even more time enjoying great help from Thames; I continue to think signing up with TCC was a smart move!
Ann Mayer
Lynn and her team provided my businesses responsive service, outstanding computer purchasing advice, and repairs/upgrades for years. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Lynn Thames has been very intelligent, resourceful, persistent, innovative, and hard working. I have worked with her for several years. I recommend her computer consulting without reservation!
Carl Bradford, PhD
Lynn Thames is so knowledgeable and efficient about all things computer-related. She has really helped us out of several nerve-wracking computer fiascos (when we were worried about losing all our data!) -- once she found a simple fix to our son's laptop after the Apple Genius Bar had told him that he'd have to replace his computer. We are a mostly Apple product family, and she and her team are so good at diagnosing and fixing issues with Apple products. She also helped us when we finally made the leap to cloud-based back-up. And she and her team are so nice to boot. Thanks, Lynn!
Momoko Kishimoto